Ambergris Voyages

The Ambergris

Welcome aboard the Ambergris!

The Ambergris's design is based on a Pinky Schooner, a New England boat that was used in the 1800's for fishing and hauling cargo. She's 60 feet on deck and about 80 feet overall. Her wide deck and pilot house let guests enjoy sailing in any weather. Below, she has a galley, three private guest cabins and a separate crew quarters. The cabins are designed with removable bulkheads to allow space depending on our needs.

Safety is our top priority and we carry all of the necessary equipment required for offshore sailing.

We only take 6 passengers so there is plenty of room to spread out and make yourselves comfortable.

Maine summer 2022

max 6 passengers

3 hour shared sail $95 per person

3 hour private charter $475

Full day private charter (8 hours) $1,200

I often get asked where the favorite place I've sailed is and my answer is always the same- Maine! There is no place like home.

This summer we'll be sailing from our home port of Southwest Harbor, Maine. Let us show you why we love this place so much! There is no set route, we sail according to the wind and your interests.

Departing from Southwest Harbor we'll sail out into the Great Harbor, a body of water protected from the oceans' swells by Bear Island, Sutton Island and the Cranberry Islands. Bear Island is the home to Bear Island light house and Sutton Island is home to several summer cottages. They are both private islands.

The Cranberry Islands both have year round communities and a walk around them is a great insight into small island living. On a private charter we can stop and get off the boat to explore the island. Cranberry Island is also home to the famed Islesford Dock Restaurant with its amazing views of Mount Desert Island.

Dividing Mount Desert Island in two Is Somes Sounds, the only fjord in the continental United States. (There is some debate about that but ask any local and they will tell you Somes Sound is a true Fjord!) Depending on the wind we may sail up the sound passing by sheer cliffs dropping into the sea.

There are two ways to sail out of the Great Harbor- the Eastern Way and the Western Way. Sailing out the Eastern way we'll pass by Bear Island lighthouse and the seaside mansions of Northeast Harbor. Bunker's Ledge is always a great place to spot harbor seals warming themselves out on the rocks.

The Western Way will take us past Great Cranberry Island and out to the open sea. Continuing around the southwest side of Mount Desert Island we'll pass the Bass Harbor Lighthouse and the picturesque fishing village of Bass Harbor.

How we'll board the Ambergris

We'll meet at our office at 172 Clark Point Road

Next- we'll board our ship's lifeboat.

Now to board the Ambergris! We'll climb up the side of Ambergris' using our boarding ladder.